Prime Minister Kiril Petkov: De-escalation of tension between NATO and the Russian Federation to be a priority in the Bulgarian strategy


The Council of Ministers decided that the Bulgarian strategy should prioritize the de-escalation of tension between NATO and the Russian Federation. The focus will be the resolution of the conflict through diplomacy. This is what Prime Minister Kiril Petkov said at a briefing after today’s cabinet meeting.


The Bulgarian Army will be the leader in measures to strengthen our defense, the Prime Minister said further. Mr. Petkov noted that over the years the army had been underfunded and improperly funded. Therefore, the focus now will be on the development of the country’s own potential and on the compensation of the deficits that the cabinet’s modernization plans have generated back in time. The Prime Minister was firm that Bulgaria should be an active NATO ally rather than a consumer of security only.


Prime Minister Kiril Petkov also commented on the decision of the Council of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) to open official accession discussions with Bulgaria. The Prime Minster said that this was a significant diplomatic breakthrough that would make the country attractive to foreign investors. Bulgaria has the prospect of joining a club of developed nations that are rated as low-risk nations, Prime Minister Kiril Petkov stressed.