Each day work should be done! We simply have no alternative, there is no one better than us and each day we should prove ourselves to the utmost and implement the program. This was stated by Prime Minister Boyko Borissov during today’s government session, whereby the Governing Program of the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria for the period 2017-2021 was adopted. “If we implement this, I believe much better things will happen,” added the Prime Minister. He reminded that the document has been drafted in implementation of the signed Coalition Agreement between political party GERB and United Patriots – NFSB, ATAKA, VMRO, and in accord with the government priorities within it.

The government program covers 20 areas, for which the Bulgarian government has pointed out 65 priorities and 902 measures, through which the main priorities of the coalition will be realized. The common goal of the coalition government is: income, security, economic progress, freedom and democracy, a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and government transparency.

With the adoption of the program the government stands behind its commitment to a sustainable income increase, to  limiting the negative demographic tendencies, minimizing the risks and countering the dangers for the national security of Bulgaria, guaranteeing an effective, rapid, and fair judicial system, carrying out a decisive policy for eliminating illiteracy, improving the health of the nation, guaranteeing the energy security of the country, and increasing the growth and competitiveness of the Bulgarian economy.

The government places in a separate priority the measures for decreasing the administrative burden for the citizens and the business and the development of e-government. Prioritizing government transparency as a political commitment ensures opportunities for the citizens and their organizations to participate in the governing process, as well as access to information on the activities of state institutions.