The establishment of a Global Partnership Centre of CEECs and China was agreed by Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and the Chairman of the Chinese State Council Li Keqiang as part of the initiative in Sofia.


"The "16 + 1" countries should send a joint message of openness. We have discussed several times with Prime Minister Borissov that we need to examine the rules and laws of the EU and its member states," said Li Keqiang. According to him, thus investors and businesses will know what rules to follow and what risks to avoid. "This way our cooperation projects can develop more rapidly and in a more mature manner. We proposed the establishment of a Global Partnership and Cooperation Center, whereby in the context of globalization, the "16 + 1" countries will explore how our cooperation can correspond to EU rules," the Chairman of the State Council of China added. Li Keqiang also noted that hence joint cooperation projects will make a bigger progress, while Chinese entrepreneurs will have much more incentive to invest in the EU. "I want to ask Prime Minister Borissov to take the lead and see how such a center can be set up, whereas China will be the sponsor of such a center," the Chinese Prime Minister said.


Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov explained that the future center will help Chinese companies enter the EU market and participate in tenders and procedures within the EU so as to avoid penalty procedures and failed deals.


In front of the plenary session of the format,  the Bulgarian Prime Minister highlighted that the partnership between Bulgaria and China is based on traditional friendship, mutual respect, as well as a common willingness to expand cooperation with the realization of concrete projects. According to Boyko Borissov, China's greater presence as an investor and strategic partner within the Bulgarian economy would play a positive role and boost economic growth. According to him, in abidance with the terms and principles of the EU, economic relations with China would lead to the prosperity of countries across the region. The Bulgarian Prime Minister recalled that ten agreements were signed at the Council of Ministers yesterday, reflecting the desire of Bulgaria and China for a deeper partnership.