The Turkish Stream pipeline to enter Bulgaria and receive quantities of Russian natural gas to be transported to third countries. This was agreed by Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and Russian President Vladimir Putin, who had a bilateral meeting in Moscow. The Prime Minister defined his conversation with the Russian Head of State as pragmatic and useful. He pointed out that Bulgaria will retain its gas distribution role on the Balkans. "Whether there will be a second point of entry for natural gas through Turkish Stream into Bulgaria - what we talked about with President Putin and he assured us, is that he discussed with the Turkish President yesterday, and both have nothing against this second entry point to be located on the Bulgarian border. Borissov pointed out that the quantities that can come to Bulgaria from the already existing gas connection through Ukraine and what is expected through Turkish Stream will amount to a total of 34-35 billion cubic meters of natural gas. "This is a serious amount, for which we have to find a formula to distribute through the European gas hub. And our colleagues have made a commitment, together with the European Commission, to find an acceptable formula," the Bulgarian Prime Minister said.


The Russian President added that the issue of the transportation of gas from Turkish Stream to Europe through Bulgaria is being developed in a practical plan jointly with Turkey and Bulgaria. "The question of the volume of transit gas through Bulgaria should be linked to the volume of deliveries across Europe," Vladimir Putin said.


The President of the Russian Federation also indicated that his country is ready to return to the project for the construction of the Belene Nuclear Power Plant and Borissov underlined that Bulgaria currently has two reactors and a plant site and wants the project to develop on the basis of market principles, which would make it self-sustainable, generating not only profit but also security. "After 10-15 years, we will need basic volumes of nuclear power. All are welcome on a market principle,” Borissov underlined within the context of the investor interest in the project.


Prime Minister Borissov voiced hope that President Putin will make every effort to normalize the situation in Syria and halt the migratory pressure to Europe. "The key words that everybody should focus their efforts on are peace, dialogue and compromise," the Bulgarian Prime Minister said.


The two also noted the excellent cooperation between Bulgaria and Russia in the field of culture, as well as the increase in trade volume and the number of Russian tourists in Bulgaria.