Integrity, transparency and professionalism will be the motto of our cabinet, stated Prime Minister Stefan Yanev in his inaugural address on the day the caretaker government that President Rumen Radev appointed assumed office. The Prime Minister vowed that the government would act honestly, while it abides by the law and respects the Bulgarian citizens’ interests.


“To be the head of a caretaker government is a great honor but also a great responsibility. I am not a man who makes hollow promises; I will stake all my reputation and experience acquired over the years to work honestly with respect for the rule of law and in the public interest,” Prime Minister Stefan Yanev said and added that he would expect from the caretaker cabinet ministers to adhere to the same underlying principles.


The Prime Minister expressed confidence that the caretaker government’s honest and responsible performance could start up the process of regaining the lost confidence in the institutions. “The term in office of the caretaker government is short. I cannot promise that during this term we will be able to solve the problems that amassed over the years. The only thing that I can say is that I will do my best just as my colleagues will do their best, at least to start the process of the solution of problems,” Prime Minister Stefan Yanev added.


The Prime Minister pointed out that the caretaker government’s main priority is to organize and hold free, fair and democratic elections, in strict abidance by the law. Prime Minister Stefan Yanev emphasized that it is important for all institutions to act in synergy and said firmly that there would be no toleration of any attempted election law violations.


Further, Mr. Yanev stressed the government’s intentions to work to resume the dialog with the Bulgarian business, including the small and medium enterprises and companies where hundreds of Bulgarian families earn their living. “I express due gratitude to all in the health sector who for more than a year now have been working intensively to bring the crisis under control and to help the Bulgarian patients. Together with the health guild I would like to thank the Bulgarian teachers too, as health and education are the fundamental values of a developed society,” Prime Minister Stefan Yanev went on to say.